Welcome to the page of The Nzinga Project!

In this Mini- Series, we will be looking into the lives of the Mbunde Family, a prestigious African/ Caribbean American family with deep roots in the game of medicine and money.


Dr. Ngola Kia Samba Mbunde: The Head of the Family and Medical Director of The Bantu Clinic. An attractive older African American man with style and charming wit to match. Very fit, huge fan of sports, more so basketball and enjoys attending charity or community events for children (and he usually keeps up with them too, not bad Old dad, not bad.) He is the adoring husband of Kangela and loving but tough father to Ngola (Jr.), Nzinga, Grace and Barbara. He also has a love/hate relationship with his older brother, Lorenzo. All in all, Doc is you typical hard working man who is just trying to make the best life for his family. No harm in that, right?

Kangela Mbunde: The Matriarch of the Mbunde family and retired RN of the Bantu Clinic. Kangela is a mixture of Michelle Obama, with a dash Angela Bassett, and a hint of Jada Pinkett Smith all in one. As a devoted wife to a busy medical director and the mother of 4 children, she’s learned to hold her own and still look DAMN FINE doing it! She’s a proud Caribbean American woman and a sister of the Triple A sorority, she holds nothing back and gives all that she can. If love was the answer to what the world needs now, Kangela held the equation to it long ago.

Ngola Mbunde the second (Jr./ Junior): The first born of Doctor Mbunde and the most hard headed one too. Outrageously handsome and cunning, Junior graduated at the top of his class for legal advising and went on for his master’s in medical management. He knows he’s worth a million bucks AND ADDS TAX! Though his smarts don’t always help him in the long run, he’s too prideful to EVER ask for help. As the eldest AND the only boy, he’s entitled to HIS title…or so he thinks. (WILL BE NEEDED for ALL 8 EPISODES)

Nzinga Ana Mbunde: The second born child of Doc and Kangela and well, the star of the show. And she knows this. Beyond beautiful, inside and out, Nzinga is her father’s pride and joy and she takes much pride in knowing this. Not only is she juggling being a senior at Spelman University double majoring in public health and osteopathic medicine but she is also a proud mother and fiance! Young and gettin’ it, is her motto. And she wants it all and she will be SURE she has it! (WILL BE NEEDED FOR ALL 8 EPISODES AND must be willing to have makeup on for some scenes)

 Fabian Thompson: We all have a love life right, well why should Nzinga’s life be any different? Fabian is the epitome of Prince Charming, not only is he handsome but his sense of humor and care is out of the roof! The man really can do no wrong, a History graduate of the Morehouse College on his way to USF for their Masters in the Arts program, he is also a devoted fiance to Nzinga and definitely a Grade A father to their son, King.  Every story has got a good guy, but don’t the good guys always finish last?

Lorenzo Mbunde: Lorenzo also known as UNCLE LOWE is exactly what his name implies him to be, low. Although he is the older brother of Kia and uncle to the fabulous four, he doesn’t really live up to his Elder title. Attractive and crafty, he is more of a mentor than anything to Jr., teaching him the ways to be sly and still viewed as one of the “good guys”.  You guessed it, Fabian and Lowe are NOTHING alike, and he’s more than okay with that.




Mukumbu Barbara Mbunde: The third child of Doc and Kangela and if Nzinga didn’t have the title for most outspoken, that definitely would have been Barb’s superlative. Marching to the beat of her own drum and walking in her light of beauty, Barbara is your regular teenage girl growing into a woman. With the family that she has and the world ahead of her, there’s nothing that can stop her…right? (WILL HAVE SPEAKING ROLE and must be willing to wear makeup during some scenes) 

Kifunji Grace Mbunde: The last of the fabulous four kids, Grace is exactly what her name implies, a graceful girl ready to explore HER world. Blessed with her parents’ good looks and she knows it, she is the TOTAL opposite of Barb (so she says, due to them only being a year apart), she has her own personality and isn’t afraid to be who she wants to be. Living young, and wild and…you know the rest. (WILL BE A NON SPEAKING ROLE MOSTLY)

King Thompson: The young son of Nzinga and Fabian, can be between the ages of 1 – 4. Just a young child of a happy, loving family. (NON-SPEAKING ROLE)  

Mr. Joon and his Goons: A money-hungry businessman purely after the clinic for reason and one reason only, money! Mr. Joon is an older man around Kia and Lowe’s age, usually well dressed and holds himself with poise. He never handles anything dirty, that’s what his goons are here for. (MR. JOON WILL HAVE LINES, 2 GOONS will speak in episode 8.)